Axus-T4 Membrane Carrier for Improved 4" CMP Yield and Productivity

In achieving optimum CMP process results, the CMP wafer carrier is the most critical hardware component. CMP processing has come to rely on membrane carrier technology to deliver improved uniformity, high removal rates, and increased product yield. This has only been true for wafer sizes from 150mm and larger. In the meantime, processes that require the use of 4" substrates have been limited to the earlier generation of metal plate wafer carriers - until now. Axus Technology is now delivering the Axus-T4 Membrane Carrier for 4" substrates. The Axus-T4 carrier delivers all of the advantages of membrane carrier technology with 2 - 3% uniformity and reduced exclusion, recapturing precious surface on smaller substrates.T4 membrane carrier

For users working on MEMS, LED, photo-sensor, and other technologies limited to 4" substrates, Axus Technology can install the Axus-T4 upgrade on the platform most suitable to their process requirement; from the manual load Strasbaugh 6EC through automated production tools, including the Mirra, IPEC472, and other platforms. In addition, the upgrade can be applied without affecting the CMP tool operating software. While the operation and performance change, any host control or equipment software is unchanged.

Axus Technology has been delivering carrier upgrades for various CMP processing tools for more than a decade. Improving carrier process performance offers the opportunity to greatly affect overall productivity with a minimal investment. Whether your process requires a change to your existing carrier design or you might benefit from a carrier upgrade, please contact one of our sales representatives or our main office to discuss how we might help you achieve your process goals.

T4 Carrier Process Overview