Gespac Control System Products

Axus Technology has acquired the Gespac G64 and G96 embedded industrial control system product lines from Gespac. The G64 and G96 embedded controller products are used in a variety of manufacturing tools, including the OnTrak DSS200 and Synergy cleaners, as well as certain ASM tools. The product line includes the main CPU controller and the related communications and controls circuit boards. G64 and G96 manufacturing operations, previously based in the metro Phoenix area, have been relocated to the Axus Technology facility in Chandler, Arizona. The manufacturing and engineering team for the product line has been transferred to Axus Technology, ensuring the continuity of support for customers. In addition to manufacturing the components, Axus Technology has also added repair services for the product line. 

Products include but not limited to:

Gespac Components  
Gespac Reference Description
GESSBS-41T16N 68040 SBC w License
GESSIO-14A Serial IO, 4 ch, RS232
GESSIO-2 Serial IO, 8 ch, RS232
GESMEM-12D Memory, Unpopulated
LANKITXB-ASM2 Ethernet XSB + Interface
GESMSC-1 Disk Ctlr, SCSI & FDD
GESVIG-4W Video Graphics Controller
GESCIO-1A Dig I/O, 24V, 16 In/16 Out
GESINP-2A24 Dig Input, 24V, 32 ch
GESOUT-3A Dig Output, 24V, 32 ch
GESADC-12A Analog Input, 16 ch
GESDAC-2BASM Analog Output, 8 ch
GESBUS-20A Backplane, 20-slot
GESPSD-1US Power Supply Dispatcher
HDSCSI-2 SCSI Hard Drive


Gespac Components  
Gespac Reference Description ONTRAK #
GESSBS-41/LAM 68040 SBC w License & BootROM 22-8875-054
GESMPU-30H8 68030 CPU, no License 22-0075-017
DSKLIC-30/30 OS-9 Disk Lic for MPU-30 50-0075-030
GESMFI-1 Multi-Function I/F, SIO, PIA, RTC 22-0075-015
GESSIO-14A Serial IO, 4 ch, RS232 22-8875-053
GESPIA-4 Parallel IO, 64 ch, TTL 22-0075-026
GESPIA-2A Parallel IO, 32 ch, TTL 22-0075-010
GESMEM-12D Memory, Unpopulated 22-0075-011
GESMDC-1 Disk Ctlr, IDE & FDD 22-0075-016
GESVIG-4W Video Graphics Controller 22-0075-019
GESADC-12A Analog Input, 16 ch 22-0075-013